Your independent port agent & forwarders for the ARA range

DMS is a growing independent agency for tramp and other ships services, established in 2005 at Rotterdam and has office in Antwerp available 24 hours during 365 days in a year Being independence not tied with any major player and having the ambition for growth, means our service must be better & lucrative than others. This is being achieved by simplifying all procedures, processes, communication through electronic ways.

As agent DMS represent the interest of its clients in every conceivable aspect of their business:

  • Cargo documentation
  • Customs clearance
  • Crew services
  • Taking provisions and stores (incl. Bunkering)
  • Spare deliveries

DMS is being manned by highly qualified & experienced staff around the clock, so a single telephone call is sufficient to take care of all your queries.

A task of a good agent is to take care of all aspect of owners / operators interest by reporting both actively and unsolicited problems with solutions whenever they arise. Due to advanced communication systems with continues up to date equipment our staff are always available, can take immediately action in cooperation with our clients or partners. This shortened the decisions making chain with the result of saving cost and reduction of unnecessarily frustrations so no hassle at all.

Our mission is to be total reliable and independent, so our customer can be certain that DMS will always deliver the best available service around the clock.

DMS is totally independent and not accountable to anyone except to our clients and own integrity. All our clients are equally important to us, not having ties with major players so no safety net, to sustain we have to be better than others.

DMS ambition is to grow our service provision in terms of quality, number of clients in our area and beyond.

Through our worldwide network we can offer our customers all service for their ships relate matter in order to reducing their burdens by one single contact / logistic point, not required tocontact several parties.

DMS is a reliable and independent partner for all logistics issues, our highly trained team are available to carry out your instruction efficiently, smoothly and this around the clock. We use all modes of transport for forwarding goods worldwide, including inland shipping, rail transport, road transport and airfreight. In close cooperation with our international network we are always able to offer a reliable and cost efficient logistic solution.

DMS is acting for several ship operators as their agent in Dutch & Belgium seaports, being a maritime specialist we know how to optimise every vessel’s stay in port by keeping our focus on safety and efficient operations. So prior your vessel arrival we already start proactively in arranging all necessary preparation for a smooth port operation. Once in port we will coordinate all activities e.g. crew relate matters, maintenance and repairs, deliveries of bunkers and other supplies and services.

Crew services

We arrange meet & assist crew on arrival at Amsterdam and Brussels airport for safe transfer to vessels as well off signers crews with all required formalities. Cash to Masters (USD & EUR) deliveries through our special secure and reliable services.

  • Hotel accommodation / booking in the ports & city area
  • Flight & travel arrangement
  • Medical assistance & hospital
  • Transfer of crew by roads, launches & supply boats
  • Ships Spare parts deliveries
  • Ships chandling & engine supplies
  • Renewal of certificates & consulate ship’s log book entries & endorsements.

The main activity of DMS is arranging transfer of ship’s crew to / from Airports (Amsterdam / Brussels);

  • We have a disposal 24/24 Mercedes cars and minibus equipped with large coffers for the seaman with their 40 kgs or more luggage’s
  • Full assistance is given to all crews until safe boarding on board ship or aircraft

Our goal is to take good care of the trust from ship operator given to us for acting on their behalf

  • Smooth transition of crew members to and from ship ensuring to minimize additional cost
  • All problems and queries handled prompt to avoid vessel delays
  • Close liaison with ships operator’s and owners, suppliers and other services in order to avoid any delays
  • No hidden charges, all additional cost being discus and agreed prior starting any operations
  • Clear and transparent DA with competitive rates

Warehouse & spare deliveries

  • We have warehouse facilities to store ships parts & other spares received from our clients or directly from manufactures (asper instruction from our clients) for delivery to vessel or to be forwarding to several ports
  • We are using several commodities to connect / deliver spares to vessel (e.g. in house courier service)

Tramp services

  • Acting as husbanding agent for vessel during drydock period
  • Arranging bunkering, fresh water supply etc.
  • Arranging vessel clearance.
  • Arranging stores / provisions to vessel (also at anchorage) through barges