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Dutch Maritime Services
Your qualified services provider
Dutch Maritime Services
Your qualified services provider
Dutch Maritime Services
Your qualified services provider
DMS is a growing independent agency
DMS is a growing independent agency for tramp and other ships services, established in 2005 at Rotterdam and has office in Antwerp available 24 hours during 365 days in a year. Being independence not tied with any major player and having the ambition for growth, means our service must be better & lucrative than others. This is being achieved by simplifying all procedures, processes, communication through electronic ways.
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Shipping rules
Shipping rules No industry can safely operate outside of the long arm of the law and the maritime industry is no exception.
There are numerous national, regional and international rules and regulations imposed on ship owners and operators to ensure that their operations are carried out in a safe and secure manner.
Code of conduct
Code of conduct Discipline is of paramount importance for seaman serving on board ship. All trainees are required to strictly follow the rules set forth by the institute during the training period towards the cause. Any failure or flaw from the side of the trainee will result in disciplinary action including dishonored termination from the programme with official intimation to Directorate General of Shipping.

Crew services

We arrange meet & assist crew on arrival at Amsterdam and Brussels airport for safe transfer to vessels as well off signers crews with all required formalities.


Dewnarain Johnny is the founder /owner of DMS which was established on 15-07-2005 at Rotterdam.

Our goal

Our goal is to take good care of the trust from ship operator given to us for acting on their behalf.

As agent

As agent DMS represent the interest of its clients in every conceivable aspect of their business.